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Laura Prince ~ Owner, entrepreneur and creative producer of Sew Inspired.  Laura, a gifted designer in both fashion design and interior design, stumbled upon the stitch lounge concept in 2008, while  teaching her daughter and  a few other friends to sew.  She realized that kids crave & love an inspirational, well designed work space to create within. She is celebrating her 6th year with Sew Inspired.

Leah Sheets ~ Creative Director at Sew Inspired. Leah is a Fashion design instructor with a Double Bachelors Degree in Clothing & Textiles and Fashion Merchandising.  Leah's area of expertise has been in bridal and swimwear design.  She is a virtual gold mine of love, style and expertise!

Tere Jensen~Creator and designer at M.O.M​.  Tere has spent the past 18 years creating, designing and sewing her original designs all around the globe!  And she has a fantastic sense of style and charm!  We love  our Tere!

Marie Lehman~Marie is our very first Sew Inspired@Home Partner.  She has been a wonderful teacher at at the Lounge and is now teaching from her home in Carlsbad. She is an incredible quilter and a fantastic chef! And has the softest and sweetest way with kids! 

Julie Johansen ~ Graduate from FIDM. Los Angeles. With a back ground in working for couture designers, Julie is bringing the  full package of Fashion Design and sewing to our 5th & 6th graders in  San Marcos!

Grace Spath ~ Grace has been sewing and designing for over 15 years.  Originally self-taught, she went to on to study at Memphis College of Art & Fashion Design & currently operates an Estsy personal clothing line & works in theatrical costume design.   Can you bring Scarlet to work with you??? please!

​Jasmine Pattynama/Prince~Jasmine started sewing when she was 10 and really loves it.  This year she hopes to open an online sewing business called 'Jasmine's Bunting Boutique.'  She has filled 4 orders so far and excited to see what her first year out of high school is all about!

sew inspired | encinitas, ca | 760.908.7853 |  sewinspiredencinitas@gmail.com
Tere and daughter
Laura and Licorice
Grace and sweet, 
sweet Scarlet.
Leah Sheets

 Well, that is our new motto here at Sew Inspired!  This year we are launching our new home-based 'Sew Inspired' program to reach more kids! 
We believe in the intrinsic value of sewing and the extremely positive effect it has on kids & culture. And now after 6 incredible years of perfecting the process…we want more kids to get in on all the fun and real-time connection with one another! 

In this day and age where we seem to be loosing some of the joyful disciplines of hands-on activities…things like gardening, sewing, baking, and good old fashion chores, our stitch lounge has struck a real cord in kids, a cord that is beautiful. That big smile that accompanies
 "i made this!" is really cool to see!
How can you help be a part of this culturally needed 'sew/work
with your hands revolution?' Just keep telling your friends about us.
We have a big vision to reach America! 

Each month we will be hosting a 
'Become an Affiliate' of Sew Inspired.
Our first 'Sew Inspired@Your Home' Meeting is
October 25th 4:00-6:00 at the lounge.

Leah with kiddos!
Sew Inspired's Best Friend, Mr.Licorice
I know those kids really come to see me…
not to sew!