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 Setting up your Home Seamster
KIDS across our big, beautiful nation kids are getting 'bit by the sewing bug.' With the incredible surge of DIY YouTube videos, mom's Pinterest accounts and local sewing studios...kids want to sew.  They want to sew at home...but most parents are clueless on how to create the 'sew-experience' at home.   

HERE is some insight for starting out


The Sewing Machine

We love Brother sewing machines.  I have bought the Model # CS-6000i for the past 9 years for the studio. 
They are very durable sewing machine for kids and the features are very simple to understand. The bobbin is easy to get at and most important...they have enough decorative stitches to keep them Happy!  
We DO NOT sell sewing machines but you can get them on Amazon. Also Costco has a similar machine during the Holidays. The speed control feature is the most important feature!
Kid Friendly Sewing Essentials: 

These items are your home seamers best tools to use.
Westcott Scissors: These scissors keep their sharp edge for a long time. 

Ball Point Pins: We only use the 1/4" legnth. Most pins are too long and poke the kids too much.

The magnetic pin cushion was a wonder invention of course...everyone needs a trusty seam ripper!
These items can be purchased at JoAnnes Fabric store or most WalMarts.
Kids Sew Inspired  'style'  Goodies Box: 

What to buy at the fabric store? It is overwhelming!  Let us do some of the initial shopping for you!  This is the smartest kit you can purchase for your home seamster. It is full of great stuff.  

Cotton and linen fabrics, wool felt, buttons, pom-poms, hand-sewing needles, word sayings, zippers, velcro, rulers, markers.  

And here is enough fabrics to create wonderful things from their imagination. All the fun things we use at the studio

This time-saving kit comes complete with a unique pattern-paper, mod-podged plastic container!

Shipped directly to YOU!