Sew Inspired by Laura Prince
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in the north coast business park
LauraPrince~Owner and entrepreneur of Sew Inspired.  
2008-2018~ Our 10-year Journey

Laura, a gifted Christian entrepreneur and designer in both fashion design and interior design, stumbled upon the stitch lounge concept in 2008, while  teaching her daughter, with down syndrome and a few other friends her love of creating and sewing.  

Fast forward...10 years later and we are still teaching youngsters the life-long, incredible skill of design and sewing. As anyone can well imagine, teaching young kids sewing is very demanding and challenging...because...well, we the teachers...all laugh about this crazy fact. Kids Cannot Sew. well...i take that back. They can sew. They just can't figure out the sequential references. Independent sewing requires a 'mature' thought process. So we do our darndest to set up each student for sewing success.  

So in this past decade, Laura, who is really a genius in engineering... has poured in countless hours of testing & pushing the boudardaries and limits of this very unique, kids-sewing-business model. From the design of compelling kid-friendly projects. Perfecting each project. Scheduling. Website changes. And a few kids sewing their fingers.... JK.  
Laura's entrepreneurial spirit is on the move again. 

This year she is starting a Foundation to aid and assist families with special needs.
To meet more youngsters in our community with special needs we have created a once-a-month Saturday Sew camp. Please tell your friends and your special needs departments at your local middle schools. We also need 'typical volunteers' to help and assist. So if your kiddo likes sewing with us...let her in on some community service time! She will love it and meet a new friend!

Three years ago, Laura started a banner company for her daughter, Jasmine.(Jasminesbannerco.com) For the express purpose of creating a work place for her and her friends with SN.  Their beautiful handi-work are on the walls at the studio.   Every few months we showcase the new banners for the upcoming season! Purchase one today!  

So keep this in mind as you send your youngster to our studio. Your dollars are internally spent to help us create a better life for some very special people of the world!       ~Tere & Marie

TERE JENSEN~Creator and designer at M.O.M​.  Tere has spent the past 18 years creating, designing and sewing her original designs all around the globe!  And she has a fantastic sense of style and charm!  We love  our Tere!

MARIE LEHMAN~ Marie is a very gifted sewing teacher 
and innovative quilt designer! She is an incredible person
 and a fantastic chef!  And has the softest and sweetest 
way with kids!