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We love sewing.  We love kids.  We believe in busy hands. We consider it a privilige to teach this generation of kids how to sew & watch them learn and experience the intrinsic joy of that comes with creating original things.  

Laura Prince & Teachers
531 Encinitas Blvd. Suite 103 
in the North Coast Business Park

Reunion of all our After School Class from 

2011 Class
 2013 Class Show
2015-2016 After School Classes preparing for Fashion Show!
We are sew excited about the launch of our new 

20 projects to choose from! Hours & hours of sewing at home this summer with very minimal parental help. 

Each kit is complete with an instructional booklet with simple steps and photos. Fabric, notions, embellishments...everything to complete each project. ..And the ability to re-create the pattern to make it again for presents and for fun!
 * Betty & Barney the Bear  *Amusement Water Bottle Bag  *Selfie Cell Phone Bag  *Classic messenger Bag  *Checkerboard Pillow  * Fleece Overnight Bag  
* Cotton Grocery Bag  *California wrap Skirt*  *Squeaky Doggie Toy  *Happy Half Apron  *Mini-Bunting  *See-Though Lunch Bag  * Cool Straight Skirt  
*Toiletries Travel Bag  * Travel Shoe Bag   *Jammie Shorts  *Tuxedo Full Apron  * Classic Pencil Bag  *Bandanna Elastic Top  *Mini-Messenger Bag  *
      June 11 Saturday 5:30-7:30 
A Reunion:    Students from Sew Classes                                                                              from  2009-2016
A Fashion Show:  Runway.                                                                                                  Music. Goodies 
Launch of our 
Sew-at-Home Kits 
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