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We are SEW excited about our new Project-of-the-Month Club!  Your daughter will anticipate this awesome treat each month. A gorgeous box will come to your door with her easy to make, fantastic kit...full of fabrics & FUN! 

What's up at the stitch lounge?
We love sewing.   We love kids.  We believe in busy hands. 
We consider it a priviliage to teach this generation of kids how to sew.  
After- School Sessions Start Septembert 6th

Grab your students spot for our incredible after school sessions. 
Tues.   Wed.  Thurs.

Darling Doughnut!
Our Building Up for Sale!
Hi Friends!                                            Aug. 28, 2016

Last week we found out that our unit is going up for sale. We are in complete limbo as to whether or not we can stay in business here. 

WHY? Our summer sew camps do fantastic but we struggle with filling up our After-School classes and monthly camps.
The next few months will be the tipping point!   
We need our classes FULL this year to insure our new landlord of our 'year-round' stability or if forced to move (owner occupancy),we would need the confidence & the ability to afford a move! 

How can you help?

We need our community's VOTE of support! 
If your son or daughter has enjoyed what we do here in the past or currently, please share our plight with your friends & be a part of helping us continue to teach this wonderful skill to youngsters. Lots of people do not know we even exist. 

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THX SEW MUCH! ~Laura and Staff
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