Sew Inspired by Laura Prince
531 Encinitas Blvd. Suite 103

Sew Kits! 
Designed for kids!!!

This year give the perfect gift to kids in your family that love sewing...or JUST BEGINNERS! We bottled up the "Sew Inspired' experience and put it in a neat little package

What's up at the stitch lounge?
We love sewing.   We love kids.  We believe in busy hands. 
We consider it a privilage to teach this generation how to sew.  

After- School Sessions Spots still Open!

Give your creative gal a place to develop skills and tap into their design reservoir! We create a safe, happy, wholesome atmosphere that will add joy to their school week! 
Tues.   Wed.  Thurs.

Darling Doughnut!
Sew Studio Time
We want to open our studio during the day, evening, and weekends as a rental-get-away-workspace!
Perfect for Pinterest lovers, fashion design students, costume designers, creative moms, quilters that need more table space!
We just need 25 sign-ups!  Tell your church youth group, your yoga group...a few close friends!
Make a mess at our place!
Sign Up for the Workspace!